Company Information and Purchase details

Company Name: Terai Shouten


Managing Director: Akihito Terai


Company Address: 47,KIta Takahashi Cyou, Kinugasa , Kitaku,Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. PO: 603-8373


Pricing: Pricing of products are listed online and for custom orders we will contact you with the quotation. Additional charges may apply. 



Full Orders will be advance payment through bank transfers. Bank charges are to borne by the customer. Once customer order is confirmed through email the bank details will be sent via email. We will ship as soon as we complete the order. Automatic cancellation on 7 days delay of payment from the day of order. 


Advance Payment:

For full orders, an advance payment of 30% of the order is requested and if customer desires can opt to full payment for better reliability. Orders without advance payment will be cancelled therefore.



All Domestic (within Japan), are sent by Yamato Transport and we will comply with your time and date preferences. 


International Shipping is possible and we will inform you the shipping charge via email. Shipping charge will be included in the payment notice. 


Online Purchases includes an additional option of payment via Paypal for added security and reliability.


Order Return:

We accept returns only if there are damages during shipping or the goods don’t match customer needs. For domestic Orders please send to the company address and shipping charge will be borne by the company on delivery. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding order return through email.


International Shipping will be refunded through Paypal system if the product did not match customer request. Shipping charge is to be borne by the customer in such case. 

Contact us via email for further information.



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