This is a design that show the collection of treasures. This has been a product of Fuutoku

○ Hidden Shade - Protection from dangerous things

○ Myoi Gem - Fulfil our wishes

○ Clove - Harmony, health and long life

○ Uchide no Kozuchi - Grants of wishes

○ Gold Sack - Symbol of wealth

​○ Rolled Item - Symbol of knowledge and wealth

Wave Crest

Design of the shape of a sea wave. Displays a belief of future and eternity.


Phoenix is another imaginary bird where a male Phoenix is considered to be the king of birds and the female as a firebird towards bringing peace. Thus, peace has been the symbol of Kotobuki Fortune.


This refers to the valuable treasure according to the Buddhist principles in Japan. It means extension of eternal chain and harmony with fortunes.

Tortoise Shell

Hexagon shapes that connect each other in a similar appearance to a tortoise shell.

It is an auspicious pattern for long life and protection.

Tenjin Karakusa

This is same as the above Kikukarasa but, with additional features of Pine, Bamboo and Plum. This also give additional display of prosperity in life without disturbances. 

Sakura - Cherry Blossom

This is the cherry blossom. It symbolises luck for future.This is the cherry blossom. It symbolises luck for future.

Flower Circle

Shows circular formation of flowers. This has been widely used in Japan and it is historically found to be in use in Japan.


This is a pattern that shows the vines and leaves of Tsurukusa. This displays the wish for a long life as the flower is considered to have medical powers. 


Dragon is an imaginary creature that is native to be the god of earth and water.

Dragon patter displays the rising from earth to the heaven.


This Checked pattern has been use since Edo Period Kabuki Actors of Sanogawa. It is said that this arrived from patterns of skirts. This is not limited to Japan as ancient history was spread all over the world. 

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