Welcome to Leather and Silk Akiito


Leather and Silk Akiito is operated by professionals of Japanese Kimono - a very valued cultural dress with pure silk. Our company is based in Kyoto - the most historical place in Japan. And hence, we started making Japanese Kimono to suit and address Japanese culture. Also more, to match the Japanese culture, we started using historical techniques in the making of our handmade Japanese Kimonos. Our objective is to deliver best goods to customers by using the Japanese technology and materials. 


With such professional hands on experience, we produce customised handmade manual production of leather goods to cater every customers needs. All our leather products which range from bags to wallets are uniquely designed and hand sewn with extreme care and quality. The features of our outlet is that we are very conscious of making product which reflect the Japanese patterns like brocade, ever-lasting Japanese dyeing techniques, tube coloured designs for the best match for every customers needs with the knowledge learnt from the making of Japanese Kimonos.


Our priority is to make customised leather production for every customer orders, but we would like you to visit our store online to check for ready made products too. 


Please note that since it is handmade, we may limit the quantity of one design to protect uniqueness, but however we will deliver you the quality and quantity to match every customer’s needs. For further information please reach us through the contact us form or read more on our privacy policies and delivery.